Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office Rich Communication Edition (RCE) is a pre-configured server that allows small and medium businesses from 6 to 200 extensions to enjoy enterprise-class business telephony. The OmniPCX Office RCE is easy to deploy and manage, and is extremely cost-effective. Installing an OmniPCX Office RCE is the first step to improved customer service, enhanced business operations, and reduced operational risks.

It offers powerful business services, including customer welcome, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), soft phone and third-party XML applications, IP and SIP telephony, desktop phones, on-site and off-site mobility, Unified Communications and Collaboration, video collaboration, and IP networking.

Four OmniPCX Office RCE platforms cover the communications needs of any size business. All platforms combine a Voice-over-IP core with support for analog and TDM, to simplify the migration to IP.

The OmniPCX Office RCE is future-proof, ready to support next-generation applications and services, and designed to increase employee efficiency and customer satisfaction today and as the business grows.

Alcatel-Lucent offers a fully integrated BYOD (bring your own device) solutions.

Alcatel-Lucent solutions available as purchased or rented (private or public Cloud)


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An Advanced Call Server
  • State -of-the-art offering tailored to meet SMB needs by delivering an efficient desktop, mobility, conferencing, collaboration and customer welcome
  • Voice, data and video are converged with a wide variety of terminals, rich collaboration solutions and a complete mobility solution
  • Modular solution is easy to use, open, standards-based, secure, reliable
  • All platforms are complete, enhancing serviceability and reducing TCO
Efficient desktop
  • An efficient desktop increases employee productivity – choose from a variety of products to create the right solution for your business:
    • The Alcatel-Lucent My IC Phone combines a smart phone experience with an enterprise-grade desk phone in one full-featured SIP device
    • Alcatel-Lucent 8 Series IP phones integrate IP connectivity and telephony to deliver data and voice over IP
    • The Alcatel-Lucent My IC Web for Office extends the desktop to any device with a web browser, allowing users to remotely adjust routing and consult voicemail and call logs
    • Alcatel-Lucent PIMphony is a high-level phone system that operates on a PC to optimize team performance and reduce response time
Total Mobility
  • Onsite mobility makes employees reachable anywhere in the office – indoors and outdoors
  • DECT wireless infrastructure and handsets provide a cost-competitive, mature and proven solution for voice
  • WLAN wireless handsets improve the cost of ownership by leveraging a single Wi-Fi infrastructure for voice and data
  • Offsite mobility allows employees to keep in touch with the office, any time, from anywhere
  • One Number service enables remote access to telephony, so users can include any mobile or fixed phone as part of the company’s communication system
  • Alcatel-Lucent My IC Mobile for iPhone gives remote and traveling employees the same high-quality experience as if they were in the office.
  • The ability to use their PC as a phone and enjoy all the advantages for being at the office makes
Video, audio and web conferencing
  • Video, audio and web conferencing helps employees work better together
  • The Alcatel-Lucent Visual Collaboration Suite for SMB puts video in small meeting rooms and on the desktop, as an alternative to physical meetings
  • The Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch 4135 IP conference phone provides high-quality audio conferencing for up to five parties
Unified communication and collaboration
  • Better control and monitoring of communications help teams work together more easily and increase productivity
  • The Alcatel-Lucent My IC family provides users with intelligent, context-based access to their communications services
  • The Alcatel-Lucent PIMphony Team Applications enables easy supervision of team activities to improve teamwork and increase customers satisfaction
  • The Alcatel-Lucent Rich Communication Edition Fax Server allows centralized fax management, to increase productivity, save time and reduce costs
Customer Welcome
  • The customer welcome enhances customer satisfaction from the very first contact.
  • Greeting messages enhance the welcome, transfer the call to the right contact and provide information 24/7
  • A basic multiple company welcome allows communication resources to be shared between up to four small companies
  • Professional welcome, from a phone or PC-based attendant console, is easy to use, manage and understand for a single receptionist or multiple sites
  • A personal assistant makes each employee reachable any time on a fixed or mobile phone, without extra hardware
  • The integrated system voice mail provides a professional greeting
  • Integrated call routing sends calls to the most skilled person, increasing customer satisfaction
  • For hospitality, the embedded hotel application optimizes daily tasks and improves guest services
Cost Efficiency
  • Wide range of metering solutions keeps you informed and in control
  • Automatic Route Selection routes calls using the cheapest method every time
  • Full IP–you’ll save on costs by mixing voice and data over the same line
  • Remote sites share head office capabilities

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