Chatbots and artificial intelligence in customer service


In recent years the use of artificial intelligence and chatbots in customer service processes has become increasingly popular.

We are living in an era of customer service where good, competent employees are no longer enough. Our customers, just like ourselves, want to receive answers to their questions and issues immediately - at a time and place that is convenient for them. There are multiple ways to achieve this. You can employ an entire team of customer service professionals who will assist customers 24/7, but that is very expensive and inefficient. Today there are smart customer contact centers to address these issues and help provide impeccable customer service to solve your customers’ queries at the right time and the right place.


Chatbots and artificial intelligence (with chatbot example) | Genesys, ADVENTUS SOLUTIONS partner (02:14)

"The key distinguishing feature of the new advanced customer contact centres compared to those known before is the implementation of artificial intelligence, chatbots, unified systems and strict processes."

What does the implementation of artificial intelligence solve?

  1. It reduces costs. By automating a part of the processes, we reduce the number of staff.
  2. The working environment of your customer service operators is improved since they no longer have to deal with mundane tasks and can address issues that require more intellectual input.
  3. The customer service level is improved significantly, ensuring 24/7 availability 365 days a year.
  4. This is a unique opportunity to become the best, fastest and most accurate in your area and to stand out from the competition.

What can be automated with the help of chatbots?

  1. General requests for information (opening hours, addresses)
  2. Transaction tasks (taking orders, making payments)
  3. Business processes (change of address, password recovery).

Are chatbots and artificial intelligence already capable of accomplishing any tasks?

The answer is no. For the time being, automated solutions cannot replace a real human, so, for now, both systems need to be combined to ensure the completeness and availability of information during any stage of the process.

How are these two systems, human and artificial intelligence, integrated?

The conversation on the website is initiated by an artificial intelligence chatbot that resolves general queries, such as the identification of the customer, description of the problem, informing about address and opening hours, accepting orders and payments. The chatbot system handles routine requests and predefined questions. A human operator is then involved to solve more complex tasks, taking over the communication from the exact point where the system has stopped. It is very important to note that the person taking over the communication can see all actions, questions, replies, and processes that have taken place during the current session. Thus, the customer is not required to reiterate the problem and might not even notice when they switch from chatting to artificial intelligence to a real person.

At what time is introduction of smart customer suitable for a business?

If your company receives many calls, emails and is active on social media, then this solution is right for you. The use of a contact center will let your company streamline the process and become a leader in your sector in terms of customer service.


Ask us about the possibilities for using chatbots and we will be happy to help you!


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