In the new era of hybrid work, there is a growing need not only for standard video conferencing equipment, but for supporting interactive collaboration in your meeting rooms. For example, use an interactive display that can be seen by remote participants. Organize webinars, seminars, product demonstrations, consultations or business negotiations via video communication. Schedule online conferences and create virtual meeting rooms without unnecessary clicks.

Looking for the whole package when it comes to meeting rooms?
Whole package video conferencing solutions are our strength. Here, we are sure to offer the most suitable solution at a relevant budget. We provide cameras, interactive and TV screens, speakers, microphones, mounts, cables - any video conferencing equipment for small, medium or large conference rooms. 
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#3 We do solution installation, cable works and train your users. 
#4 Testing of demo equipment is possible.

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The most popular videobars & video cameras





Hybrid or classic meetings

Solutions for meeting rooms of any size Small, Middle, Large

  • Conference cameras and videobars
  • Conferencing systems for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet
  • Whiteboard camera
  • Speakers, microphones etc.
  • Full package solutions


Wireless video conferencing

Meetings without technical barriers

  • Platfrom independent, Wireless Conference System
  • Transform every room into a hybrid meeting room
  • Hybride Meetings from any Laptop
  • Wireless usage of Camera, Microphone and Speaker


Displays & Screens

The right Display for every Solution

  • Interactive screens (multiboards) from 65"-98"
  • Digital signage interactive displays (totems) from 43"-55"
  • Broad Portfolio
  • Provide an engaging and user-friendly experience



We offer a wide range of webcams with various technical specifications, including 4K resolution, to diverse your needs and preferences



  • TAP Scheduler - scheduling panel for meeting rooms
  • Fixed or Mobile stands
  • Mounts
  • Microphones
  • Specialised wall paint etc.





Popular video solutions

Barco ClickShare

Interactive Screens

Interactive Displays

Business webcams



Lifesize​  Lifesize Lifesize Barco ClickShare Jabra


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Professional video conferencing systems from the industry leading vendors.





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Video conferencing allows the company to easily and efficiently communicate between offices and remote employees, ensuring timely project completion and business process facilitation.;

  • Communicate in real time, no matter where you are.
  • Organize webinars, seminars, solution demonstrations, and gain real meeting experience by communicating remotely.
  • Organize business negotiations with partners from anywhere in the world.
  • Easily share content and browse business plans.
  • Organize meetings one by one without scheduling time and expenses for travelling.
  • Make decisions as soon as possible and save your time and money.
  • Investment in videoconferencing systems usually pays off in the medium or short term.

Video conferencing in public companies provides an effective and cost-effective way to expand the reach of your audience, while providing a true way to stay in touch with teams and partners.

  • Improve service quality with 4K video communication.
  • Encrypted data transmission that meets the security requirements of state institutions.
  • Spread your message to a wider audience.
  • Add an unlimited number of people to a video conference in seconds.
  • Reduce unnecessary and expensive trips.
  • Conduct business negotiations with partners from anywhere in the world.
  • Investment in videoconferencing systems usually pays off in the medium or short term..

Video conferencing solutions in the education industry can make your classroom learning experience easier and more cost-effective than you might think. Distance learning online reaches new standards. Solutions for classrooms and schools, universities and technical institutes..

  • Add an unlimited number of listeners to a video lecture / conference in seconds.
  • Live or on-demand transmission.
  • Tiešraide vai pārraide pēc pieprasījuma.
  • Take a recording of the lecture and share it.
  • Encrypted data transmission that meets privacy and security requirements.
  • Chat in real time with partners from anywhere in the world.
  • Organize meetings with representatives of several regional departments at the same time.
  • Investment in videoconferencing systems usually pays off in the medium or short term..

Video conferencing technology allows healthcare companies and employees to collaborate remotely, increasing efficiency and focusing more on patient care.

  • Improve service quality with 4K video communication.
  • Easy to use. Remote connection via the Internet.
  • Gain a real meeting experience by communicating remotely.
  • Share your computer screen and slides to remote colleagues.
  • Record and share a video call / conference.
  • Speed up decision making.
  • Organize meetings with representatives of several regional departments at the same time.
  • Negotiate with partners from anywhere in the world.
  • Investment in videoconferencing systems usually pays off in the medium to short term.


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Adventus Solutions is a systems integrator with experience in both cloud technology and equipment based solutions. Our clients are both public and private organizations.

  • 100% service of delivered equipment. 2-year manufacturer's support and warranty.

  • Full service. By working with us, you will receive a full cycle of services, from consulting and design to guaranteed technical support.

  • Customer focus. In each project, we look for a unique solution that is best suited to specific circumstances.

  • We implement a new generation of video conferencing – 4K, cloud, wireless or equipment based solutions.

  • Equipment modernization. If you want to partially replace your existing equipment, our specialists will help you to implement the best replacement option.

  • Our customers. Among or clients the leading Baltic companies -SKUBA, Pirklių klubas u.c.




1. First consultation - finding out your needs and wishes.

2. We find the best solution for your needs. Agree on testing options.

3. Price offer. Let's discuss details together. Order confirmation.

4. Delivery and installation.

5. Warranty support.



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